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“Hazleton sets her keen eye on one of the most fascinating and misunderstood figures in history. What she uncovers is a complex yet utterly relatable man whose personal trials and triumphs changed the course of history. This is a wonderful book.”
— Reza Aslan, author of No God but God and Zealot

“Vivid and immediate… this book offers a welcome chance to read Muhammad’s life story in a more familiar and accessible form than the Islamic sources. The First Muslim succeeds.”
The New York Times *Editors’ Choice*

“Beautifully written, The First Muslim respectfully humanizes the inimitable prophet of Islam and sees him whole.” — Dr. Cornel West, Union Theological Seminary and Princeton University

“Muhammad shows himself to be a very modern leader, well ahead of his time — a bona fide Hegelian “world-historical man” — as savvy a politician and military leader as he was divine messenger… The book is important for trying to explain just who he really was.” — NPR

The First Muslim finds the human in the sacred.”  — The Stranger

“Profoundly moving…  Hazleton captures this momentous point in history, and delivers beautifully.” 
— Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, The Cordoba Initiative

“The most readable, engaging study of Muhammad I have ever come across.”
— G. Willow Wilson, author of Alif the Unseen

“The First Muslim tells the story of the prophet Muhammad in a masterful way, crucially demystifying both the man himself and the birth of Islam. An absolute delight (and indispensable) for believers and non-believers alike.”
— Hooman Majd, author of The Ayatollah Begs to Differ

“A genuine attempt to try to understand the human experience Muhammad went through…  Hazleton queries and questions in a way that will resonate with a non-academic audience trying to come to grips with the fastest growing religion on the planet. It is a welcome antidote to the barrage of hatred and distortion to which Islam has been subjected since the early Bush years, an opportunity for balance to be restored and for those of us who don’t subscribe to the extremes to regain the middle ground.” — Guernica

“A humane, audacious biography… an elegant narrative crafted for open-minded readers.” — Ha’aretz

“The book’s goal is not to urge its readers to love, or to hate, the man, simply to understand the forces that produced him…. A rich biography.” — San Francisco Chronicle

“Vivid and engaging… a fluid and captivating introduction that will be invaluable for those seeking a greater understanding of Islam’s message and its messenger.” — Publishers Weekly

“Like her subject, Hazleton brilliantly navigates ‘the vast and often volatile arena in which politics and religion intersect,’ revealing the deep humanity of faith.” — More Magazine

“A levelheaded, elegant look at the life of the prophet amid the making of a legend.” — Kirkus Reviews

“Richly detailed and beautifully written… told with robust authority and an entertaining sense of intrigue.”  — Seattle Times